AuthentiC is a project created by AC Crowe Ukraine to raise awareness about the cultural richness of Ukraine. Understanding the cultural heritage of different nations allows us to delve deeper into the nation’s identity. Therefore, it can confidently be stated that Ukrainians are not only brave and resilient but also educated and culturally developed!

Ukrainian cultural heritage is a treasury of unique craftsmanship and extraordinary diversity. It reflects the multifaceted spirit of the people, who have traversed centuries of history while preserving their identity and distinctiveness. This culture deserves admiration and study. Thus, AC Crowe Ukraine has launched a new cultural project aimed at increasing awareness of the wealth of our country’s national heritage. The company aims to contribute to the development of the national brand through the uniqueness and diversity of its cultural expressions. These are the authentic cultural expressions and meanings, as during the many years of the Soviet Union, it influenced the perception of Ukrainian culture and tried to diminish our people’s worth. However, even deliberate simplification, the so-called kitsch, could not suppress the inner strength that resonated in songs, embroidery, rituals, and language.

The history of our culture is a reflection of our spiritual resilience and ability to survive in any conditions!